easy puff pastry maple pumpkin danish braid recipe and tutorial

Easy Maple Pumpkin Danish Recipe

Can I tell you a secret? I don’t really care for pumpkin. I know, I know. It’s pumpkin season and everyone goes wild over it. I don’t care for the smell and I don’t care for the taste. I usually keep this little secret to myself during the holidays to avoid glares from the pumpkin-worshippers. […]

fast and easy taco braid with crescent dough sheets

Easy, Elegant Taco Braid

One of my favorite easy dinners to make is a taco braid. It’s easy and fast to throw together just like regular tacos, but the crescent braid brings it to another level. Tacos can get a little mundane for family dinner, and I like that just dressing up the same taco ingredients in a braid […]

easy gluten free peanut butter cookies chocolate dipped

Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

If you’ve read my other easy treat post, clearly I have a thing for peanut butter and chocolate. While no one in our immediate family has a medical need to eat gluten-free, I love that these cookies are so simple. Only a few ingredients and fast to whip up, but they’re delicious. Like most things I […]

easy brownie bites with chocolate drizzle and reese's candy

Easy Brownie Bites with Reese’s Mini Candies

  The original recipe for these delicious brownies came from my mother-in-law who used to make brownies in muffin tins for high school marching band events. When I joined the family, they quickly became a favorite family treat to whip up when we’re having guests over, or just when we want a quick treat. While I […]

easy freezer jam recipe free printable labels

Easy Freezer Jam

I grew up spoiled with only homemade jam. It wasn’t until I moved away from the comfort of living at home with my mom, that I was forced to buy jam from the store. It really doesn’t taste the same. Or even close. Not to mention that most popular store-bought jams and jellies come filled […]