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Diary of a Sleep-Deprived Mom

I paid my older kids dimes to play by themselves in the basement so I could enjoy some quiet without someone literally jumping off the furniture (okay, I took a nap and it was beautiful). I use my fingerprint to unlock my phone. Sometimes I just have to manually type in my passcode because my […]

perspective on motherhood

Mom! Mom! Mom!

The internet has over-said it, but it’s worth saying again: Motherhood is hard. It’s hard in the predictable ways; the pregnancy discomforts, the delivery (doesn’t matter which way), the newborn sleep-deprived stage, the tantrums, the diaper changes, and all the other things that immediately come to mind when someone (usually a mother) mumbles that motherhood […]

perspective on motherhood

My Life’s Work

We recently moved, requiring me to purge and pour over old papers at the bottom of boxes and stuffed in ratty folders. Papers that I don’t even recognize when I read, even though I wrote them. Papers that gave me goosebumps and made my heart pitter-patter with author pride. Man, I used to be good. […]

encouragement for new mothers

To the Other Mother at the Store

  Hi there, it’s me, the other mom who gave you the cheesy smile and two dorky thumbs up. I just want you to know that you have someone rooting for you. Someone who knows exactly¬†how you’re feeling. Someone who isn’t¬†judging you or your crying toddler. Someone who isn’t going to pointlessly tell you that […]

perspective for a mother

Slowing Down

This is from my journal in 2013, my feelings haven’t changed at all. My mommy heart hurt a little remembering these sweet little people. Though, I have to admit, they haven’t changed *that* much. Still fits and frustrations and then some perfect little moments that melt my soul. Motherhood is such a gift. I have […]