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A Lazy Way to Be a Rockstar Neighbor with Free Dinner Label Printables

Have you seen the meme circling social media saying, “Some days I amaze myself, other days I put my keys in the fridge”? That is my life. Some weeks I am ON, super mom cranked to 100. I’ve got a killer meal plan, on time to soccer practice with all 3 kids in tow, I’m showered and the house is clean. Then there’s the other days…

I don’t always have my life together. I really don’t. My house gets messy, and I get behind on laundry. Dinners aren’t always planned to perfection (or on time). I have three young kids, including a baby still on a two-a-day nap schedule (which is awesome but also makes me feel a little like I’m on house arrest twice a day). I’m saying all of this because sometimes it’s hard for me to drop everything and “go.” When I hear a friend or neighbor is having a hard time or just had a baby, I like to help out, but sometimes my home life is really chaotic and it feels nearly impossible to pull off making an extra dinner for a family in need.

I’ve been an on-again-off-again meal freezer. I love the idea of stock-piling a bunch of meals in my freezer and pulling them out when I need/want them. During several of those “on” weeks when I’m being super mom, I’ve made a big shopping trip, spent a whole day prepping meals and filled our freezer. Once those are gone, it usually takes me a few weeks before I’m able (ie motivated) to start the whole process again. However, lately I’ve taken a new approach to freezer meals that is a lot more manageable for me: once a week I double one meal. My family eats one, and I put the other in my freezer. It doesn’t give me a giant stockpile all at once, but it’s a lot easier for me to maintain since it isn’t a lot of extra prep work.

I’m being a little generous with the word “meal”. For me, it’s freezing anything that is going to make future dinners faster, easier, etc. Some weeks I grate and freeze zucchini, others a whole dinner. Sometimes I just make extra meatballs or brown extra turkey/hamburger. Either way, my freezer gets filled with some pretty great stuff without me spending hours planning, at the store, and in the kitchen.

Now enters the “lazy” part of being a rockstar neighbor. When I’m having one of my typical mom weeks when life is going every direction, but I’d really love to help out a friend who is struggling with her newborn baby, I can just pull out a favorite meal already frozen in my freezer and take it over to her. In the moment, it doesn’t take me any extra time or stress to pull something out that’s already ready, but it is such a powerful way to support someone else.

easier way to make freezer meals

I’ve made some cute dinner labels you can put on meals you want to share with friends and neighbors. There are several different patterns (a few black and white if needed).

CLICK HERE to download free printable meal labels.

printable meal labels for giving meals


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