free dry erase halloween countdown printable

Halloween Countdown Printable

free dry erase halloween countdown printable

It’s September, so Halloween is right around the corner! Halloween is the most talked about holiday of the year in our house. My kids LOVE Halloween and talk about it almost daily. My son likes “scary” things (as scary as things can get to a five year old), and my daughter loves dress-up. Combine the two with candy, and you’ve got the best day of the year.

To help gear up for the spooky day, I made this cute Halloween countdown printable to display in our home. It’s an 8×10 print, so all you do is slap it in a frame (or leave it in the frame behind the other picture year round *cough*), and voila, easy countdown. We use a dry erase marker on the glass to count down the days. The dry erase marker writes perfectly and erases fine on the glass. It couldn’t be easier, and the kids love it.

free dry erase halloween countdown printable


Download your free Halloween countdown by right-clicking the image and saving. Print it at home, or send it to a photo lab (8×10 size).

Happy Halloween!

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