Easy Thanksgiving leftovers braid recipe tutorial

Thanksgiving Leftovers Braid

Happy Thanksgiving! For me one of the best parts of Thanksgiving is all the leftovers (least favorite is the dishes)! I love that there is so much good foo leftover to use for future lunches and dinners. But why does it feel kind of lame to just re-heat the exact same dinner you had yesterday? Maybe it’s […]

easy puff pastry maple pumpkin danish braid recipe and tutorial

Easy Maple Pumpkin Danish Recipe

Can I tell you a secret? I don’t really care for pumpkin. I know, I know. It’s pumpkin season and everyone goes wild over it. I don’t care for the smell and I don’t care for the taste. I usually keep this little secret to myself during the holidays to avoid glares from the pumpkin-worshippers. […]

Gilmore Girls party kit

Gilmore Girls Party Kit

Guys! The Gilmore Girls revival is NEXT WEEK! I know there’s Thanksgiving in there somewhere too, but Thanksgiving happens every year. I watched the Gilmore Girls Netflix trailer way too many times and got so excited. If you’re throwing a viewing party, check out my complete party kit in my Etsy Shop. The kit includes […]

perspective on life

Lesson From a Stone Wall

There’s a busy road I take several times a week to and from my daughter’s preschool (last year it was where my son went to preschool as well). Several months ago while driving down this road, I glanced out my window and noticed the wall, it’s strong and elegant, much more than the standard picket […]

funny mom post

Diary of a Sleep-Deprived Mom

I paid my older kids dimes to play by themselves in the basement so I could enjoy some quiet without someone literally jumping off the furniture (okay, I took a nap and it was beautiful). I use my fingerprint to unlock my phone. Sometimes I just have to manually type in my passcode because my […]

fast and easy taco braid with crescent dough sheets

Easy, Elegant Taco Braid

One of my favorite easy dinners to make is a taco braid. It’s easy and fast to throw together just like regular tacos, but the crescent braid brings it to another level. Tacos can get a little mundane for family dinner, and I like that just dressing up the same taco ingredients in a braid […]

simple coloring activity for kids

Simple Sticker Activity

With 3 young children, I’m always trying to find super easy, non-messy activities for them that they can do ALONE while I make dinner, write, nurse the baby, etc. It’s really important that they can do these activities independently of me. Both of my older children (age 6 and 4) love to draw, which is […]